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Seems like forever since I’ve made one of these but I am as of right now, back on track!

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stay positiveSo Delta weather has been beautiful for the past week, however has recently gone darker and wetter, so it feels like the right time to focus on the positives! Seeing how weather is not the only thing in life that may bring someone down, other stresses and misshapes may misdirect you from seeing the most important things in life. When this happens, just remember how-to stay positive!!

Canadian flag in front of te snow capped Rocky Mountains, British Columbia, Canada.

1 – Look at where you live…

Canada….how much better can it get? My Socials Studies 11 teacher used to tell me that “we have all won the lottery of life by living in Canada” and every word of that is true! Here, we are free to believe what we believe in, love who we love, express ourselves to our hearts contempt, and study what we are passionate about. Your dreams and aspirations are not limited by where you come from in Canada as it embraces endless variations of ethnicities, beliefs and passions. To make things even better….this place is BEAUTIFUL!! Mountains, Oceans, valleys, canyons, islands and parries – there is a place for everyone in Canada! A hike in the clean air with fresh water running down mountains takes you away from any stress and allows you to focus on what really matters 🙂

Eternally grateful for friends like Danielle! You have been my rock <3

Eternally grateful for friends like Danielle! You have been my rock <3

2 – good company

Who doesn’t love a  good friend? Keeping good company is essential to staying positive. Friends are the ones you can rely on, regardless of how ridiculous your crisis may be. Spending time with a dear friend or loved one reminds us all that we are loved and cared about. May it be playing basket ball in your friends alley, swimming in the ocean, exploring your town on bikes, or even taking it easy while watching a movie, having good company will always help brighten your life. Allowing yourself to talk and spend quality time with an old friend can make the biggest difference. Allow yourself to be open and 100% honest with yourself and your friends – after all it is the best medicine for the soul!


do-what-you-love3 – do you

If there is something that you want to do….do it! If it will make you happy (and it’s not harming anyone!!!!!) then do what makes you thrive! If you feel passionate about something and have always had this itch to try something new out, remember that there are no limits to how much you have achieve! For instance, as a little girl I have always admired the beautiful pageant ladies and as I grew up, I became aware that I could potentially become one! This thought occurred to me as I first heard of the opportunity last year, but resisted because of the fear of letting a younger version of myself down. Come December 2015, I thought back to my fathers words of success and decided to let myself discover my potential! I stick by my decision and leaps of faith like that stay with my every day as a reminder to stay positive because even YOU can surprise yourself!

Because who doesn't love a good ShamWow?

One of my favourite ‘little-things’ that always make me laugh

4 – Appreciate the little things

Remember those moments that made you smile, even if they seem as insignificant as a late night infomercial. Little bits of laughter are easy to breeze lever, but sometimes remembering them can perk up your day. Besides….who doesn’t love a 5 minute video on “the wonders of a Sham-Wow” (good for a laugh!)



you are loved5 –  YOU ARE LOVED

This.is.so.important!!!! You must remember this in times of doubt and negativity! Despite how low you feel, knowing that there is someone who loves you unconditionally can help you get out of whatever slump you may be in! It could be the love of a sibling, friend, family member, pet, or God. What ever overwhelms your heart and allows you to feel love is never wrong. The purest of love I find comes from the people who know me the best and someones a friendly self-reminder is all you need to tough out the hard times 🙂

me time6 – save time for yourself

This time is designated for you to relax and be yourself. Go for a walk, relax by the TV, sing in the shower, have a 1-person-party while getting ready in the morning (we have all done this don’t lie!!). Letting yourself be at peace not only calms your nerves, but also delivers the reminder to sometimes stop worrying about the world for just 15 minutes and asses yourself. We, as humans, are always inevitably changing mentally. Checking up on yourself can seem like an unnecessary precaution, but I promise you will never regret slowing down your busy day to make sure you are in tip-top condition. After all, mental health is just as important and physical health!

sleep7 – GO TO BED

I hate to admit it…but alas it is true. Years of our parents telling us to ‘go to bed’ actually may help. The more sleep the better you will feel in the morning – guarantee! Sleeping is the multi-purpose-all-surface-cleaner of remedies: have a headache? – nap. Got the blues? – nap time. Sore muscles? – goodnight. Disappointed about the end of Pretty Little Liars? – Zzzzzz (seriously though!!) Nothing beats a goodnight sleep! You will wake up feeling refreshed and ready for anything to come your way.

comfort food8 – comfort food

Sometimes satisfying that all-day craving for avocados-on-toast is all you need to make your day that much better!


superwoman9 – be your own hero

If something is not going the way you wish it would, do not be afraid to take matters into your own hands. You are capable of anything, even saving the day from a potential bad day. Turn your day into a better one by assessing and addressing the problem appropriately. You are SuperWoman…do not let anyone tell you differently!!

love yourself10 – find things to love about yourself

Not one person on this Earth is the same and discovering and embracing your individual beauty can really change your perspective. Instead of looking in the mirror and focusing on your so-called ‘flaws’, think of all the things that make you special and your own person. The way you look does not define you as a person – this can easily get lost in translation when you fixate on self deprecating thoughts. I truly believe that the most beautiful thing about a person is their smile because it is the only way the soul can be expressed simply. We should all take a hint from Annie the Musical because “you’re never fully dressed without a smiiiillleeee” 🙂


Remember these things when you are feeling less than happy and it will brighten your day! You are beautiful and loved and capable of anything and sometimes we just need to be reminded <3

Stay positive and don’t catch yourself without a smile 🙂 – Tiara <3

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