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INTRODUCING THE “HOW-TO” SERIES!!! I am pleased to announce that I will be adding on to this series in easy how-to methods on different topics! So without further ado, the first edition “How-To Stay Active” 🙂

With summer upon us, it is easy to get caught up with sating in doors to watch endless episodes of Grey’s Anatomy with a slight crack of the window open so you can arguably state you got “fresh air”. HOWEVER, just because exams are done and we feel we deserve some ‘down time’ – we shouldn’t always interoperate that as ‘lie-down-and-take-a-nap time’.

The reality is, there is a lot to be said about the dramatic physical and physiological benefits that exercise has – and the best part…it doesn’t have to be ‘hard’. Over the years, I have tested and proven this through the various actives that I take part in on a regular basis which leave me feeling both energized and productive! I will admit, some times I don’t feel like running because its “too boring”, however, there are so many alternatives to turn to which suit every kind of mood I’m in, and here are just a few of them:


Peaceful – Sometimes you just want to go out, enjoy the fresh air and take it easy. This can easily be accomplished while getting a little exercise in which Paddle Boarding. Admittedly, I have found myself wanting a more peaceful approach after a long day at school or rehearsal and paddle boarding has always been my go-to! Not only does paddle boarding help de-stressing, but it is also so much fun! My personal favourite place to do this is in Delta, on either Centennial Beach (East – to see the sun rise early in the morning), or English Bluff (West – to see the sun set later on). The best thing about these places is that when the tide is in, you can paddle board a mile out with only 4 feet of water under you! Peaceful is the way you will be feeling on the board and contempt is the add on you will experience after. Additionally, if you want to challenge yourself, stand-up paddle board-yoga is a way to enhance your exercise! Albeit, it does take some practice to get your balance, however it is a win-win situation: you either perfect your stance on the first try, or fall in and get refreshed!


Focused – If you’re in a mood where you’re craving to throw yourself into and give it your all, Pilates is for you! Your corresponding mood with help you perfect the motions and take your time to complete. I know the sounds of actually getting-up-and-doing-pilates may seem intimidating, but the truth is you can do Pilates anywhere, anytime!!!! Many people use big machines, but in all honesty you just need a mat (or a towel if nothing else!). There are so many exercises online that are really easy to follow! This is especially good if you’re in the mood to take a break from a big project to re-boost yourself full of energy – you’ll only need 30 minutes!!


Adventurous – Often there are times I find myself at home wishing for adventure. Most time this is due to an inspiration from a book, or possibly the story of a friend, nevertheless the best way to get your fix of adventure is through riding a bike. Exploration does not always have to mean going on a deep sea adventure of sorts, however can be as simple as taking a bike and exploring your city! If there is one thing I have found out from this, it is that there is never nothing going on. You will discover things about your town that comes from only local knowledge and from the willingness to stay active. This is also great if you and your friend don’t know what to do on a beautiful day! If you are feeling up to it, you could even take your bike to a local trial and cover less familiar ground with the same outcome which will leave you fulfilled and refreshed!

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Calm – Of course, when you feel as if all you want is a big breath of fresh air and to feel your heart beat, jogging will never fail you! I have always found jogging to put me in a place of satisfaction because there is no real standards for it other than ‘a self set pace’. There are no expectations to live up to so you can remain in a calm state by achieving your desires while staying calm. Jogging allows yourself to stop focusing on yourself and to look around at the world and appreciate the things you might take for granted in bust day-to-day life. Additionally, you can do this activity either by yourself, or with a friend! When I feel like getting active and wanting to be social I often go jogging with my sisters or neighbour! Whenever your are in doubt, jogging will never let you down as long as you have a pair of shoes and the desire to get moving 🙂

And there you have it – an activity for any mood! Getting exercise does not have to be an epidemic, but rather something you do because you simple can! If you are alive and can turn oxygen into carbon dioxide, you already have a good enough reason to stay active. There does not have to be any pressure in setting goals or working towards a ‘bikini body’ because quiet honestly there is only one step in achieving that — step 1: put on bikini — and you’re all set 🙂 Staying active should simply be a way for you to feel better both physically and psychologically with no negative results and have fun doing it!

My dad used to point out the people jogging in the rain and say “why do you think those people are putting themselves through that” and when I was little I would say “I don’t know”. My dad would then tell me it is because they love the rush of doing what they love and the way they feel after. None of this made sense to me until I climbed Grouse Mountain with my dad when I was 8 years old. During the climb I grew tired and sore, however I never realized until after because of how amazing the journey was!

So now I urge you to stay active with whatever mood you’re in! I promise you, you will not regret it!! 🙂

Keep up the pace until next time – Tiara xoxox 🙂

P.S. leave a comment with your favourite ways to stay active and/or with suggestions on other ‘How-T0″ topics you would like 🙂

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