Hello everyone!

I would like to welcome you to the official Facebook page of the very first Miss Teenage Delta BC title holder!! I am beyond excited to share my journey to nationals with you.

To get you introduced to myself I will be posting a quick “Fun Fact” post to get further aquatinted!

FIRST EVER Miss Teenage Delta!!

FIRST EVER Miss Teenage Delta!!


I have a lot planned for my year of reign and will keep you updated on events I will take place in, as well and tell you more about myself and my platform. To be given to opportunity to address Eating Disorders as my platform is such an honour as I feel very passionate towards raising awareness to this issue. To introduce you to my platform more extensively, I will be writing as post about my personal connection to the issue as well as defining the underlining hardships in this illness, along with correcting common misconceptions. I posted a short video on this topic already which can be found on my official Facebook page!

Not only will I be promoting my chosen platform, but I will also be holding fundraisers and events to raise money for national organizations such as Free The Children (www.freethechildren.com) and to organizations to help those in Fort McMurray after the devastating fire. ~~ so far the progress is strong after today’s Krispy Kreme Doughnut sales, as Miss Teenage British Columbia, Southwest British Columbia, Langley Township, Surrey, Lower Mainland and I sold 50 boxes raising $955.40!

kk sale

Krispy Kreme Doughnut Sale – May 14th


Additionally, since crowning I have volunteered at certain events to cheer on, and help raise awareness to particular issues. My latest endeavour was last Saturday volunteering with the Miss Teenage BC Cheer Squad helping those get motivated to do either a 1 km, 5km, or 10km run for woman’s mental heath at the “Run For Women” Fundraiser. The event was an amazing success with $55, 780 raised! This run was very special to me as it relates to my platform of Eating Disorders as it is a mental disorder. Participating in this event has been a wonderful experience and I look forward to further involvement with the organization and promoting it’s cause.

Miss Teenage BC Spirit Team starting off the 10km run!

Miss Teenage BC Spirit Team starting off the 10km run – May 7th


I will also be posting fun and easy ways to help improve health and quality of life 🙂

I am so ecstatic to share my experiences with you! You can follow me on:

Instagram: @MissTeenageDelta2016

Twitter: @MissTeenDelta

Facebook: www.facebook.com/missteenagedelta2016

Much love and God Bless <3 — Tiara xoxo


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