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As promised I will post some things that you most likely do not know about me!

#1 – I am the youngest of 5! I have grown up with two older sisters whom I love and cherish as my best friends, and when I was 8 years old, my mother married my step-father and just like that I had two new older step-brothers!! I also have 2 dogs whom I love with all of my heart named Pepper and Lilo <3

My dog Lilo and I after my performance as Lady Capulet in "Romeo and Juliet"

My dog Lilo and I after my performance as Lady Capulet in “Romeo and Juliet”

#2 – I am the epitome of “theatre geek”. Ever since I was 10, I have performed in both theatrical and musical performances, but it wasn’t until I saw my first Broadway Musical “Billy Elliot” that I really fell in love with performing. I remember coming home from New York (after Hurricane Irene!!) and thinking “I need to be on stage”. Lucky for me, I was just entering my first year at high school at the time and had a world of opportunity in front of me, so I auditioned for every play that came my way and landed a role in every production. Since that time I have performed in 4 dramatic plays, 4 comedic plays, and 2 musical productions just in my high school years!! I have also competed in St. George’s School’s “One Act Play Festival”, and have put on short plays and won “Best Overall Play” for the past two years! Seeing as I’ve only competed twice, I am currently rehearsing for the upcoming festival at the end of May – wish me luck!! And to top of the geekiness, I read scripts in my spare time (personal favourite playwright – David Ives – check him out!!)….and sometimes memorize monologues if I find them particularly funny/interesting…like I said, EPITOME of theatre geek (but a very proud one!)

miss preen tiara

My favourite role as Miss Preen in the comedy “The Man Who Came to Dinner” (2014)

#3 – I love black licorice….I know people think it’s disgusting, but hey, more for me!

#4 – This is my first pageant! I never realized being in pageant was something that I wanted to do until I tried it! I can honestly say that two years ago the thought of entering a pageant would even happen, and now I’m heading to nationals as Miss Teenage Delta! However I am so happy I have been able to be part of such an amazing programme as it has already opened doors to helping organizations whose missions I feel strongly about, as well make a difference for thkose suffering from either social, mental or physical suffering. It has truly been a wild experience to identify all the falsehoods the media and society makes pageants out to be – I can whole heartily state that girls are nowhere as mean as Miss Hawaii in “Miss Congeniality”


“Be the crown” ladies! Taken from one of my favourite movies “Miss Congeniality”

#5 – I live in the most beautiful place in BC! Well…at least I think so! South Delta is filled with the cutest little villages and communities! Not only is it always sunny here, we have a tight-knit community that always welcomes everyone in with a warm smile, followed by the question “wanna go paddle boarding?”. Delta has beautiful beaches on both east and west sides which are perfect for catching the tide for an evening sail, or waiting the sun raise and set. I have grown up on these beaches and love revisiting my childhood with a bike ride around the beach, or a friendly game of beach volley ball.

tiara paddleboard

Paddle boarding – the best way to relax on a beautiful day in Delta!

So there you have it, 5 Fun Facts for now! Hopefully this was interesting for you and helped you get a better grasp of who I am aside form the sash!

Talk to you all shortly, God bless! – Tiara

What are some fun facts about you!? – leave a comment 🙂

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