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When people ask “why should I visit Delta, B.C.?” the real question should be “why shouldn’t I?” as describing the non-existent flaws of Delta would be easier than listing off all the wonderful beauties.

Here in Delta, there are endless attraction that bring families from all over the lower mainland on different occasions. Rather than rattling off just one attraction, I will be providing one for every occasion and season that Delta accommodates.


just a glimpse of what goes on in the spring

just a glimpse of what goes on in the spring

From all ages and interests, Delta is home to the Ladner May Days Festival every year! This event holds festivities for everyone including (but not limited to) face painting, book sales, palm reading, parades, carnival rides, live music and food decorating contests! This happens annually in the heart of Ladner (one of the cutest villages in all of BC in my humble opinion:)).

Along with the season, Ladner springs into the world with flourishing fashion stores and bakeries – you cannot walk through Ladner without being overcome with the smell of delicious goodies from local home-style bakeries! If you are in town, coming to Ladner even just for a bite is worth it!


THE BEACHES!!! I cannot explain enough how amazing the tides and beaches of Delta are. South Delta is home to two of the most breath taking views in all of British Columbia. To the east, Tsawwassen (yes, it is pronounced how it is spelt), is home to Centennial Beach, and the west coast beauty is seen in Tsawwassen Beach.



Part of the Dyke and trail ending of Centennial Beach

Centennial Beach is home to some of Canada’s famous wild life niches. Here, there are areas of sighting along the dyke that are off limits to on-foot-walkers due to the biodiverse habitats in the water, wet lands and greenery. Along the Dyke there are many other trails that can be ventured on foot or bike. My personal favourite is Raptor Trail, where my friends and I ride our bikes almost every week!

Clear view of Mt. Baker from the shores of Delta <3

Clear view of Mt. Baker from the shores of Delta <3

Additionally, at the south end of the trails, the famous Centennial Beach Cafe is located on the beach! Some of my favourite childhood memories consist of playing with my dog, Pepper, and my sisters in the park and tide. One of the most unique parts of this beach is that in low tide, you can walk a mile into Boundary Bay waterbody – and even in high tide, you can walk almost half a mile in water that will only go up to your hips! Some of my favourite pastimes in Delta have been on this beach and personal fun fact: my best friend, Kaitlin, and I studies for our Biology 11 Taxonomy final exam partially by spending time on the shoreline and identifying crabs, jellyfish, sea urchins, and every other type of wildlife around us into their appropriate Phylums!! #HappyAsAMollusca <3 geological fun fact: this beach shares a boarder with the United States of America!!!! centennial beach fun fact: THERE IS A CLEAR VIEW OF MOUNT BAKER FROM THE BEACH!!! – absolutely breath taking!

The shore of the most southern beauty of Canada

The shore of the most southern beauty of Canada

Tsawwassen Beach has beauty that can quite literally be seen from a mile away. The Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal is located about a mile out in the Salish Sea, where ferry boats dock and load passengers going to the islands! Even standing on a ferry boat, the Tsawwassen Beach looks absolutely radiating. On the shore of this beach you will find activities such as paddle boarding, sailing, kayaking and beach volley ball. Wither you come to Delta for a swim, sport, or tan, you will never leave disappointed!


deasWhen the cold breeze starts to roll around, Delta offers a copious range of outdoor and indoor activities that will keep you warm. Prominently, Delta is known for it’s many golf courses and outdoor parks. Surely, if you are looking for leisurely activities such as hiking or a friendly sport, you must come to Delta.



Pumpkin Patch just off of Deas Island is an absolute must!

Deas Island is one of British Columbia’s most beautiful Regional Parks. I remember when I was in grade 3 and my school went on a field trip to conserve biodiversity in the wetlands and I was, and still am astonished by the beauty every time I am there. Deas Island is open year round, but as the leaves fall, Deas Island glows with radiant oranges and yellows. A simple walk through the trails and breathing in the fresh air is like placing yourself in a magical land. The breeze through the trees and the song of the birds will forever be remembered in your mind as one of your most calming and refreshing moment if you get a chance to visit this miraculous spot!


Fun for all ages to get you into the holiday spirit!

Fun for all ages to get you into the holiday spirit!

Let it snow in Delta! Ever since I could walk, my family and I would come to Diefenbaker Park in South Delta for some quality Canadian Tobogganing! Come December, the park is covered in a white fluffy blanket of snow. This large park is the perfect spot for a good snowball-fight, or a race down one of the steep hills which will defiantly get you in the holiday spirit!! The park is annually flocked with children of all ages running around in snowsuits and playing their favourite winter games – a sight sure to warm your soul <3

If only there were most seasons to show the wonders of Delta, British Columbia. The endless festivities and sights to visit in Delta are 100% worth the visit, regardless of who you are, or where you come from. If you are visiting with you friends or family, you will need be bored in this friendly region.

Just another beautiful view along the Dyke

Just another beautiful view along the Dyke

I love every part of God’s Green Earth and I feel absolutely blessed every day that I wake up where I am. Being in such a fantastic place motivates me everyday to challenge myself in making it that much better through acts of goodwill.

I strongly insist you come to Delta! The beauty and radiance of it all will astonish you and leave you breathless <3

NATIONALS ARE IN 6 DAYS!!! I can’t wait to tell you about all the excitement! 

Until next time – stay flawless! – Tiara <3

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