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With the official start of summer yesterday, there seem to be more and more things to be grateful for! This had be thinking and thus triggered my response to start my second series of all the things in life that everyone can be grateful for! My hope for these blogs are to elaborate on the gratitude we sometimes take for granted and focus more on what really matters. To kick start this series off, I felt it only appropriate to talk about our parents due to Father’s Day being last Sunday. So without further ado — appreciation post #1!!!

Despite inevitable heartache, disappointment and turmoil that is sometimes thrown into life, your parents are the ones who stick by you and pull you out of your slump. It is sometimes harder to recognize this because they have been doing this their whole lives, and it has brome second nature to put you before themselves. This kind of selflessness and unconditional love is truly a blessing that needs to be celebrated more.

My beautiful mother and me <3

My beautiful mother and me <3

My mother is defiantly the most inspirational woman in my life. Through my life, there have been times where I have failed to see my true potential, and in those times my mother has always been there to set me straight. She inspires me everyday by how she never turns down a challenge and makes constant sacrifices to make my life better. To elaborate, wither it be picking you up from school, to driving you to dance, or being there for you when you score your first goal, mothers always want to see their child succeed. I think it is safe to say that 99.9% of our achievements and moral values come through what our mothers have taught us in how to believe in ourselves – well at least I know that is true in my heart!

She has been there for me through it all and for that I am eternally grateful

She has been there for me through it all and for that I am eternally grateful

As a young girl, I had high hopes and dreams of one day taking the stage on broadway, however, I was incredibly shy. At the age of 5 I was the silly youngest daughter in the family, but I would tend to hide behind my sisters and parents when facing new people and challenges. By the time I was 10, my aspirations of working towards my childhood goals have been introduced through the audition notice for my school play. I was over joyed that I could finally audition and “make it big”. I remember clearly standing on stage and singing “my favourite things” from the sound of music and forgetting the second verse because I was so nervous. Consequently, I landed a role in the play where I had a single line! (I still remember it!) I came home after getting my role and told my mom how disappointed I was in myself and she simple laughed and smiled and told me “there are no small roles, just small actors”. From that moment until closing night, I had practiced my one line until I perfected it…and then over perfected it….but I never let my spirit be dampened by my role because of my mothers support. I have never forgotten her wisdom and I have applied it to many areas in my life which have implied areas of a ‘smaller role’ and I have approached each event in the same way: giving it 110%. Although my aspirations have changed from broadway star to lawyer (or paediatric surgeon!?!), my morals  and standards in respect to situations have been forever changed for the better because of my mother!


Through the rocky roads of life, father’s will always be there to help their little girls up when they stumble. For this, it is easy to forget all the little times our dads have brushed the dirt off our shoulders and kept us motivated. Personally, I have been blessed to have very special connections with both my dad and step-father. Each man has played a vital role in helping me become who I am. There will always be times when we all feel drained and like the world is falling from around us, and growing up I occasionally felt this way and I would always turn to my dad.

My dad surprised me at a fundraiser!!

My dad surprised me at a fundraiser!! Thank you for always making me feel like a princess

My dad has been my best friend and has listened to every problem, heartbreak, and petter problem that I have been faced with. Sometimes when life gets overwhelming, I tell him how I just want to give up and much like me mother, he tells me something that has become part of who I am. The saying that I live by and always remember when I feel that I am at my lowest are the words “I am not a failure if I don’t make it, I am a success because I tried”. These words were written on a pink slip of paper by my father when he was 18 years old and he put it on the fridge when I was little. Now, my mother has passed it down to me and I carry it with me as my most valuable possession.

My step-father has also given me endless support as he treats me like his own daughter. My step-dad has shown up to every single one of my theatre performances (every…single..one!!!) and has always cheered the loudest.

My Step-Dad taught me how to fly an airplane!!

My Step-Dad taught me how to fly an airplane!!

He has taught me that family does not always mean just the people you have grown up with, but also the people you meet along the way. My step-dad came into my life 10 years ago and I cannot picture my life without him. Even though he has his own sons, he has welcomed my sisters and I into his heart so effortlessly and there is defiantly a lesson to be learned from him. I will always know to be willing and ready to open myself to new situations the way he has opened himself to my mother and sisters! I think there are all times when we can relate to how important our fathers are and for that, it helps to take a step back and remember how lucky we all are for having such amazing people in our lives!

The lessons our parents have graced us with are things we will never be able to repay in the same way.  Because of this, the gratitude we feel can be hard to express, however a random hug never hurt 🙂

Thank you to parents for accepting our quirkiness and loving everything about us <3

Thank you to parents for accepting our quirkiness and loving everything about us <3

To all parents and parent figures out there, THANK YOU!! One day of gratitude in may and june cannot do you enough justice! We, your children love you so much!

THANK YOU MOM, DAD AND BLAKE!! You have each shaped me into who I am today and I owe my successes to you <3

So now, remember all the times you have felt the love of your family and give someone you love a hug and tell them that you appreciate them!!

I will be updating this series throughout my reign and I encourage you to stay gracious 🙂

Until next time – Tiara xoxo

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